Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Scalr core settings

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1. Install the PHP app on your host

2. change the permissions on the following:
chmod -R 0777 app/cache/smarty
chmod -R 0777 app/cache/smarty_bin
chmod -R 0777 app/logs
chmod -R 0777 app/etc/client_keys
chmod -R 0777 app/cron/

3. Add your AWS cert and private key in etc/

4. Install and configure BIND. The following examples use and

5. Login to the app as admin and setup the nameservers (settings > nameservers)

6. Change core settings (example):

Dynamic A record TTL: 90 seconds
Default SOA owner:
Default SOA parent:
Named.conf Zone template:
zone "{zone}" {
type master;
file "{db_filename}";

Account ID: 1234567890
Security groups prefix: scalr.
S3cfg template:

access_key = [access_key]
acl_public = False
force = False
host =
human_readable_sizes = False
recv_chunk = 4096
secret_key = [secret_key]
send_chunk = 4096
verbosity = WARNING

Instances limit: 20

Path to snmpinform: /usr/bin/snmptrap
Event handler URL: (ip of the app)
Terminate instance if it will not send 'rebootFinish' event after reboot in seconds. 160
Terminate instance if it will not send 'hostUp' or 'hostInit' event after launch in seconds. 160

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