Wednesday, February 3, 2010

6. SELinux Targeted Policy (RedHat) - I

    Here we will discuss about the daemons that supported with Targeted Policy. The Targeted policy in SELinux is specifically designed for RHEL and not applied to other Linux Distros. The idea of Targeted policy in SELinux is to protect vulnerability/highly utilized daemons/services of RHEL Servers. Each daemon is essentially sandboxed in targeted policy.i.e, daemons are restricted to some area and unable to interact to
other area/domains.
List of daemons protected by Targeted Policy by default.
  1. dhcpd
  2. httpd
  3. mysql
  4. named
  5. nscd - name service caching daemon
  6. ntpd
  7. portmap
  8. postgresql
  9. snmpd
  10. squid
  11. syslogd
  12. winbindd
  13. All other process
    The first 12 process mentioned above are the daemons which is protected as confined domains in Tuple (httpd_t, squid_t,snmp_t etc) and all other programs/subject/process are included in the unconfined (unconfined_t) domains in Targeted Policy. The Targeted policy restricts from communicating one domain with the other, i.e, dhcpd_t from httpd_t, which can be called as sandboxed.

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